An offshoot of the Pre-Vinylite Society, the Pre-Vinylettes are a group of women and nonmen sign painters who celebrate diversity in this historically male dominated trade. The movement began with an exhibition of more than sixty international artists at the Chicago Art Department in September 2017 and has continued to grow in recent years.


The Pre-Vinylettes are currently working on a second international exhibition to take place at Ford Gallery in Portland, Oregon in September 2020. The Pre-Vinylettes’ Suffragette Centennial is presented by The Gentle Revolution, a movement begun by Portland artist and activist, Remedios Rapoport and is organized by Remedios and original Pre-Vinylette curators, Shelby Rodeffer and Meredith Kasabian.


The Suffragette Centennial exhibition is intended as both a celebration and a critique of the Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which granted American women the right to vote in 1920. While this feminist achievement is universally lauded as a success, the marginalization and suppression of suffrage for many women of color requires careful consideration. In the spirit of critical and intersectional feminism, this exhibition features hand painted signs that honor, critique, analyze, and / or reimagine how far women and nonmen have come in the last century and how far we have yet to go.


As this exhibition takes place during a significant and highly contentious American election season, the artists take this opportunity to explore political topics, topics of women’s empowerment, and themes of positive change for a healthier world.

More information about the event is coming soon. Stay Tuned!! 

The Pre-Vinylette Society Artist Catalogue

Edited by Meredith Kasabian

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